Saturday, May 9, 2009

mother's day crafts

We have been busy around here doing some crafty things. I wanted to make sure and do some fun mama day crafts, both for my own keepsakes and to give something sweet (and made by the kids) to my mom.

For Grandma cards, I had each of the kids make about 4-5 hand prints. I just used white paint on colored paper.

I then cut out their little hands and glued them together in the shape of a flower. For the cards, I used an oil based crayon to write and painted over that with watercolors. I love the effect of that, the oil crayons hold up to the water color, it is very cool looking.

Then we had a little crafty playdate earlier in the week. I thought it would be sweet for the mamas to get a nice little present "made" by their kiddo just for them (and for me too!).

So I bought a few flowerpots for the kids to paint for us..

They were so sweet painting them.

And then I planted a few flowers in each of the pots...

Having these on my table all week has been making me smile BIG TIME!

Such a simple and easy craft to do...


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